Remember all this stuff is not 4th specific. It’s generic fantasy stuff based from all the way back in my 2nd edition brain. Deal.

Possible Starting Locations

Cities of the North… 1N. A coastal city located at the mouth of a river system. It’s ruled by a very relgious LG royal family. Like all good ports it’s really kind of built on a swamp. Sure there used to be a liche in the swamp, but he was defeated centuries ago and the military does a good job of patroling the edges of the swamp to make sure nothing bad wanders out.

2N. A city upstream from 1N located in the foothills and near the head waters of the river. This city is ruled by a LN ruler along with numerous wealthy merchant families. The city’s main wealth comes from mines it operates in cooperation with nearby dwarves. The city pragmatically pays adventures to make sure the old played out mines don’t accumlate to many dangerous things that might decide to venture out and threaten the city.

3N. A city bordered on one edge by a river and on the other by a lake that separates it from the blasted ruins of an even older city. Once a central point of civilization and defense against monsterous hordes from the jungles to the north (yeah all these things are in the southern hemisphere oddly enough…) after the originally city was destroyed, the current city was built as a centeral market and base for the mercenaries companies that now hire themselves to to protect the people of the region. General Alignment (Neutral greedy?)

4N. a generic frontier town or village the area between these three cities.

Those three locations are separated by a large swath of forest from what well very originally call the south lands… this forest by the way is the home of cranky elf types.

The main playable location in the south right now is:

1S. A coastal city ruled by a system of houses. These houses either founded the city or carved out a niche of power in the city to important to be ignored (such as the house of necromancers that raised an undead army to defend the city at one point). Necromancy and other morally objectionable things are legal here (alingment LE to NE). This lack of scruples has allowed the city to become the major force in the South, but conflict among the houses has prevent them from spreading their influnce further. I have more details on the houses written up.